Brand strategy
Visual identity

A modern and approachable brand perspective.

Shark Dreams, a previously adrift brand, found a new name, visual identity, and clarity under Fellow. The IoT technology company emerged from its previous branding with a clearer name and new visual identity that reflected a renewed confidence.

Bold, friendly, and modern design.

The logo identity can be used as a wordmark, as well as a singular letterform mark, that establishes the pattern for the visual system by replacing the lower stem of the F with a dot.

This approach is translated into dots, circles, semicolons, and cropped images that are used to create a modern but approachable brand that communicates attachment, support, and companionship.

Designed for web, editorial, and environmental applications.

As an IoT technology company providing underserved and rural populations with access to cutting-edge healthcare solutions, their new name and visual identity gave Fellow the opportunity to communicate the seamless role their technology plays in the lives of its users.

A modern and sophisticated backdrop houses a friendly photographic visual strategy that finds its balance as both approachable and trustworthy.